Are you a wizard passionate about making tech products that people love? Do you geek out when you see a SaaS product that delivers amazing value? Do you drool when you see a goose bump-inducing user experience and design?

Are you still nodding? Then, listen up.

We’re looking for a product ninja that can take an idea and then work with technical teams to design, build and roll-out products that change the world.

This job is for you if you:

  • Research customers and audiences to understand pain points and problems worth solving
  • Work with designers and engineers to develop a spec and wireframe/prototype that is clear and actionable
  • Have a keen eye (or eyes) for design and stellar user experience
  • Construct a framework to identify key metrics and design dashboards that help inform product and leadership teams make informed decisions
  • Understand the mechanics of B2B SaaS products: the metrics, sales cycle
  • Be comfortable with sketching out product onboarding flows
  • Be the product evangelist to excite engineering, sales, support and leadership about upcoming enhancements and the roadmap
  • Are not afraid to jump on a call with a customer to gather feedback and get deeper, actionable insights
  • Collaborate with product marketing & sales enablement personnel to ideate on product pitches, campaigns and collateral
  • Are very comfortable working in a dynamic organization where things go from zero to exciting in 60 seconds


- Work with management to develop a deep understanding of the product vision and business goals

- Frequently engage customers for primary research and create structured discussions to surface product issues and user behavior

- Conduct extensive primary and secondary research in the product domain and come up with a product and marketing strategy

- Develop user personas, use cases, interaction flows and sitemaps/navigations for the product in hand

- Decide on a set of product features and write specifications/PRDs for both web and mobile products with great detail to document functional and aesthetic aspects of what needs to be built.

- Create wireframes of the intended user experience to guide tech teams to comprehend user experience

- Ability to analyze click flows and generate insights on user behavior patterns from data.

- Collaborate closely with developers, designers and quality assurance on building the “right product” by explaining specifications, guiding user experience, reviewing deliverables and conveying an exciting vision

- Scope and prioritize activities based on business and customer impact. Ability to make prioritization decisions in the face of ambiguity is key.

- Lead redesign projects with user experience and design specialists

- Create meaningful experiments to test out hypothesis, execute them and share findings along with recommended actions

- Collaborate with product marketing to organize successful product launches

- Work with support teams to develop copy for sales collateral and product manuals


- 3-4 years of experience in product management for a web or mobile product

- Understanding of lean product management principles and how to execute “Build-Measure-Learn” cycles

- Comfort with creating user stories (or applying the JTBD framework) and managing a backlog with tools like Slack, Jira and Asana.

- Working knowledge of Agile project management methodologies like or SCRUM or Kanban

- Working knowledge of key product management metrics like Churn/Retention, NPS & product-specific engagement stats

- Comfort with Google Analytics is mandatory and skilled usage of at least one analytics platform like FullStory, Yandex Metrica, Segment, Qlik, MixPanel or Tableau is preferred.

- Extensive wireframing and prototyping experience using a mainstream tool like Figma, AxureRP, Balsamiq, Sketch or other equivalents

- Proven track record of successfully going through an end-to-end product development cycle and delivering a launch

- Proven ability to develop product and marketing strategies and effectively communicate recommendations to leadership

- Strong problem-solving skills and ability to empathize with consumers

- Excellent verbal communication skills in English with an ability to motivate teams and act as a product evangelist

- Strong fundamental understanding and/or hands-on experience in software development and web technologies

- Skilled at working effectively with cross-functional teams

- BA/BS degree in IT or CS or related field or MBA


Computer Science / IT / MBA / Related Field