vFairs aims to transform the events industry and change how people come together and exchange ideas on topics of interest.

It does this by empowering organizations to move away from expensive, limiting & tedious physical events and host hassle-free online event experiences instead. Virtual events prove to be far more cost-effective, scalable, productive and measurable. Most of all, they remove the need for people to be at a specific physical location making it very convenient.

vFairs has helped top organizations like Nestle’, 3M, T-Mobile, Cornell University and Ford Motors host amazing Virtual Career Fairs, Online Trade shows, Virtual Open Days & more.

The vFairs platform is leading the way on breaking barriers in the events industry. Our traction can be seen by the fact that we were featured in the top 100 fastest-growing SMB startups in North America by Latka Magazine.

Interested in changing how the world hosts events? Let’s do it together at vFairs.


vFairs is a product that helps organizers create a memorable experience for their attendees. We plan to leverage the power of video to demonstrate our product capabilities in a dynamic way, empower our customers to promote their events in a captivating manner and keep developing amazing video campaigns that create inbound interest for our product.


  • Gain a deep understanding of the vFairs product & learn how to drive various features
  • Understand our brand guidelines and ensure videos comply with it
  • Record raw footage of the vFairs product in action as well to create demo videos, promos and sizzle reels
  • Perform post-editing using tools like Adobe Premiere or Camtasia to create professional-looking videos
  • Compose interesting scripts for each video in accordance to our brand image and source voiceover artists to create compelling video narratives
  • Upload produced videos to marketing channels like Youtube/Vimeo and ensure meta-titles and descriptions are SEO-conducive
  • Work with brand and marketing teams to develop short video ads to advertise vFairs on social media
  • Deliver high-quality video deliverables with coherent narratives that inspire prospects to action
  • Plan video shoots to record live footage of vFairs employees, customers & outdoor scenes for the purposes of content marketing & case studies.
  • Attend client calls & read video briefs to understand requirements and independently create promotional videos for their respective events
  • Manage the loading of videos to YouTube to ensure the thumbs align with marketing strategy.
  • Source raw footage of testimonial videos from our clients and use editing tools to create a final polished video
  • Analyze the engagement metrics of our videos using tools like Wista and perform optimizations


  • Proven working experience as a video editor (minimum 4 years)
  • Excellent proficiency in written and verbal English.
  • Experience with any mainstream CRM (Hubspot is preferred).
  • Proficiency in developing videos from scratch using video tools like Adobe Premiere, Camtasia etc.
  • Ability to build rapport and collaborate with cross-functional departments.
  • BSc/BA in creative arts or related field